Daikirai No Saki Kara Miteru

Daikirai No Saki Kara Miteru
Daikirai No Saki Kara Miteru Rating: 4/5 - 68,791 Reviews.


Ogata, a serious salaryman, is said to have a blemish free life throughout his school years and into his working life. He was an honor student who would pay attention to his surroundings and without exception, would not allow for prejudices to be made as he believed that one’s hands should be extended to save the weak. His co-worker, Ayase, feels irritated by this. His hatred becomes stronger as Ogata waves his ideals of justice over his head. He uses a new employee (and prostitute) recruited by the company’s president, named Kamiya, and devises a plan to deceive Ogata. A man who wants to get rid of the unavoidable darkness that resides within him. A man who has no choice but to be a bystander to his parents’ fate. A man who discovers love and hope in a life where he can’t find a purpose to live. Punishment, grief, emptiness…each ivy overlaps and entangles. Just when flowers of different color show…a dark and gloomy garden will surely leave a new seed in your heart.

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