Love Knife

Love Knife
Love Knife Rating: 4/5 - 10,028 Reviews.


From Awakened Memories & FATE Afraid of being alienated, Asahi doesn’t say what she really thinks. Sou, who is always true to himself, has Asahi’s admiration. She is about to go to a love hotel with her boyfriend that she doesn’t even like, Youhei, and gets saved by Sou… The admiration for Sou starts turning into love. Even if she turns everyone around her into an enemy, she chooses Sou but…!? Compilation of short stories: • Love Knife (Chp 1-3) • Antique Girl (Chp 4) • Tea Time wa Mayonaka ni [Teatime Is At Midnight](Chp 5) 3 chapters of "Love Knife", one-shot "Antique Girl", and another one-shot "Teatime Is At Midnight."

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