Mamiya Doll House

Mamiya Doll House
Mamiya Doll House Rating: 4/5 - 61,681 Reviews.


1-4. Mamiya Seitai Ningyouten.Mamiya is a shop owner of the oh-so popular “Love Doll House Mamiya”, a place where you can request a special order doll. Whatever your dream doll is they will successfully make and provide for you. These 'dolls' are very human like, if not told you would not even know if someone is one, like Hanako for example. She is the shop's assistant, a doll with her own mind and personality. Now, lets stop talking about the assistant and turn to Mamiya and famous actor Kobayashi Harumi. Harumi's feelings for the doll-maker Mamiya may not be as simple as a customer and seller...5. Boy in Love.6. Strong, Cute and Sexy.A cute study about a student “bullying” another student by taking away his desk. But instead of writing on it like a normal bully, he places presents and a Teddy bear on the desk?7. This is not the time to daydream!

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