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Mister Fiction
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"If you're going to study Medicine, then become a doctor who can look after me when I'm injured!"

This is the promise that was made between Amamiya and his best friend Kaji soon before graduation. Flash forward a decade and Amamiya has become a skilled orthopaedist, while Kaji finds himself dealing with an injury that has brought his thriving football career to a premature end.

Hoping to cheer up his unemployed, recently-divorced friend, Amamiya takes Kaji out for dinner. Afterwards, a heavily-drunk Kaji gets into an accident that leaves him with no memory of the events following his high school years. In the heat of the moment Amamiya, who has long harbored unrequited feelings for Kaji, blurts out, "I'm your lover. Please come home with me"...!?

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