Secrecy Of The Shivering Night

Secrecy Of The Shivering Night
Secrecy Of The Shivering Night Rating: 4/5 - 30,946 Reviews.


1) Secrecy of the shivering nightAfter getting into high school, Furuya became roommate with the cute Himi. Himi keeps to himself and sleeps real early. A petite boy with a loud voice, Himi is terrified of darkness because of a tremor he suffered when he was a kid. On the other hand, Furuya is afraid of bright lights and gets real nervous when he’s feeling uneasy. How would they help each other to overcome the fears?2) Only waiting for youA man going through an unlucky day gives his coat to a sleeping stranger.3) La-la. Bye byeA nervous and withdrawn student meets a kouhai on the roof of the school.4) The innocence of a young birdThe new substitute teacher tries to help out an emotionally distraught student.5) After that...Extra from "Secrecy of the shivering night".

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