The Soul Chaser

The Soul Chaser
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Paris, XIXth Century. A little girl disappears under strange circumstances while playing with her doll at her home's garden. The police start searching for her, with no success; they just find her doll, stained with blood. Some time later, Fabrice, a young Parisian from a good family, decides to give his fiancee, Sophie, a doll he's found on an antique shop. Though reluctantly at first, she ends up accepting his gift. Later , that night, the young lady is woken up by some strange noises she can't find out where they come from. She convinces herself they're just her imagination, so she goes back to bed. But she's not alone in her room anymore... Everything points to her disappearing like that little girl. The police, once again, can't find a single clue on Sophie's whereabouts, so Fabrice, desperated, is determined to search for her by himself. His search will not only reveal that under Sophie's disappearance there are powerful supernatural forces lurking, but will imperil his life as well. But Fabrice will not be alone: on his search, he will have the help of such peculiar characters as Adriel, hidden under the appearance of a nice bookseller; Ruby, his enigmatic assistant; and The Master of Ceremonies, a mysterious and disconcerting being, who can only be found on the famous Parisian cemetery of Pere-Lachaise... (Published by

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